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Warehouse In Europe X-Tron T88 80km/h Electric Scooter 5600W Folding e scooter 38.4ah Battery 90km Range Electric Kick Scooter

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5600W Powerful Electric Scooter NO VAT NO TAX Free Shipping


For EU customers, there are no customs fees, no vatIf you choose to “ship from Poland”, you need to pay VAT, if you choose to “ship from China”, no VAT is required, and we will still ship from Poland warehouse. You only need to pay once, no additional cost. Please contact us for detailed information.

Things To Know Before Buy

1. Lithium batteries equip electric scooters, therefore they are international prohibited products. We have to deliver them in some special way. Usually there is no way to transport them, so we ship them to Chengdu first, then we will send it by train ( China-Europe Railway Express) to oversea warehouse, then we will deliver it by UPS.

2. The tracking number can’t be trackable before dispatch is finished, if you can track it, it means you will receive the scooter several days later, before that please wait patiently. (Ps. Shipping time will maybe 30-45 days.)

3. Tax free means we will take care of customs for you, you will not pay it anymore. Tax Free Countries: EU / USA. If you come from other countries, please check with us before buying.

4.Laws and regulations are very different between countries, I don’t know if our scooters comply with your local laws and regulations, you have to consult your local traffic authority in advance, we will not take any legal responsibility for that.

5. We have done a lot of treatment for waterproofing, but we cannot promise you that the water damaged X-Tron is still under warranty, because 100% waterproofing is impossible under current technical conditions. Also, traveling on rainy days is very unsafe. We strongly recommend that you do not travel on rainy days.

6. Your riding style, speed, temperature, load, tire pressure, road conditions, weather will all greatly affect the actual range of a scooter.

7. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.


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